In 1968, the late James (Jim) R. Marckres was a farmer southwest of Perry, IA. With a newborn at home, he needed a way to better communicate with his wife, Judy, from the field. He began researching a new idea in wireless technology called Citizens' Band radio (CB). Like most early adopters, Jim was excited about this new technology and the capabilities it offered. His CB radios had an immediate impact.  

Jim's logic was simple; he had found a way to resolve his communication problems and he thought other Iowa farmers might need a CB radio as well. It is at this point, that Spring Valley Radio Corporation was born in the basement of the Marckres' two story farm house. Why "Spring Valley?" This was the name of the township where the business got its start. 

Word spread and soon farmers from surrounding communities were driving along the "#9" gravel road to check out the latest advances in CB radios. Over time, the business started to outgrow the basement. Then 1970, in response to Judy's request, Jim purchased a used trailer and parked it outside the farmhouse. Many loyal friends and customers continued to drive down the gravel road to the store, but Jim was growing concerned about its rural location. 

It was often inconvenient for people to travel to the store; Jim began considering moving into nearby Perry, Iowa. So in 1972, Jim and Judy decided it was time to relocate. The Spring Valley Radio Corporation became a permanent fixture in Perry, Iowa. The business currently resides in Panora, Iowa where it is now under the name Unplugged Wireless, but still family owned and operated.


cb Radio transmitter isolated on wooden